Ed Millner, a gym teacher from Oklahoma has a peculiar interest in the children he coaches. When he’s discovered procuring sexual favors from some of his students, he flees the area and relocates to a small town in Florida, creating a new identity by the skillful use of spirit gum. With forged documents, he becomes the coach of a girl’s little league baseball team.

A groundskeeper spots Millner fondling one of the girls in the dugout and threatens to report the incident to the police. Millner tries to talk him out of it. When the conversation gets heated the girl leaves. It quickly escalates and Millner ends up strangling the man to death. He puts the body in his van and drives thirty miles north to a secluded area where he buries him in a shallow grave. When the man doesn’t return any of his sister’s calls, she notifies the police to report him missing. Detectives are sent out to interview his friends, relatives, and associates, but none of them have heard from him. After three days with no suspects, the case is put on the back burner. Millner feels secure that he’ll never get caught. Meanwhile, the girl decides to tell the police about their sexual encounter and the man who saw them together.

by | Sep 19, 2021