The Author

Michael’s Story

I originally got inspired to write by reading an excerpt from Macbeth to my mother and seeing the strong emotion it aroused in her.

I wrote ‘Bad Habit’ because I liked the idea of a girl making a big mistake and seeking to remedy it by becoming a nun. The idea of self-empowerment resonated with me and I thought it would make a good story.

My purpose in writing is to challenge myself to come up with stories people will love, and to conquer the fear that tries to convince me that what I’m after is impossible.

Let me leave you with these words by someone who had the courage to follow her heart: “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”


A fast paced novella about a woman with a dark past who enters the Order of the Holy Sisters to escape the demons that haunt her. She was earlier involved in an unsolved murder and wants to put it all behind her. While saying her prayers, she is consumed by a troubling thought concerning the one person at the crime scene who could identify her. She takes a leave of absence to find him to give her the peace of mind she so desperately seeks.


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