Simon Rosenthal, a well respected rabbi has been serving as President of the Temple Emanuel for thirty years. He is regarded by all of its members as a man of integrity. However, he has a dark secret. His real name is Oscar Hesse. He was a leading member of the Hitler Youth, and had volunteered to report on the whereabouts of several Jewish families who were hiding from the Nazis. Because of his actions, several couples were brutally slaughtered along with their children. Oscar escaped discovery after the war by claiming to be Jewish to hide his true identity. He told American servicemen that all his papers were burned by the Gestapo and his father has died in a concentration camp. He was taken to America and raised by an Orthodox Jewish family. He has repeatedly tried to forget his past, but the memory of what he’s done continues to haunt him. One day a new visitor starts attending services at Temple Emanuel. This man was in Germany during the war, and has an uneasy feeling during the service. There’s something vaguely familiar to him about Rabbi Rosenthal. He racks his brain trying to explain the unsettling feeling that’s come over him. Suddenly he has the answer.

by | Sep 21, 2021