Trump and DeNiro go head to head in ‘Raging Balls’ Special

  • Tempers flared at a recent Awards Ceremony as Robert DeNiro got in the ex-President’s face. “You’re a punk Trump. I should kick your ass right here but I’m with friends. Otherwise, I’d beat the crap out of you.”Trump with his trademark smirk said, “You’ve taken too many shots to the head Bobby. It’s obvious your IQ is barely on par with an aging chimpanzee. Have a banana.” DeNiro lunged at Trump but not before a security guard tackled him to the floor. Joe Pesci came to his defense saying, “Bob, he ain’t worth it. Now where the fuck’s the scampi?”

    After Trump got through advising Don Jr. on how to pick up women, he shouted across the room to DeNiro. “Anytime you want to go at it, bring it on, but be sure to wear your Depends — I hate to see a grown man shit himself.”

    An executive producer witnessed the entire confrontation and knew he’d struck gold. He imagined a one of a kind heavyweight bout with Trump in red trunks and DeNiro in blue. 

    The very next day he pitched ‘Rumble with the Don: Raging Bull versus Maga-Man’ to the owner of a major network, who seeing flashing dollar signs, said he loved it and immediately greenlit the deal.

by | Dec 30, 2022