A bank teller is promoted to bank manager. He is well versed in the workings of the bank and has become an expert in financial transactions, wire transfers and the like. He’s a computer whiz and is able to fix any glitches. The bank values him as he’s practically the whole IT department rolled up in one. He has a positive attitude and is well liked by everyone. He also has a dark side. Since, he’s so trusted he’s privy to lots of information that higher ups share with him over drinks after work. He figures a way to extract $15,000,000 into a private account of his. He knows the missing sum will be investigated, most likely by him. He’s had a rocky relationship with one of the senior advisers for years and decides to frame him for the loss. It’s successful and he’s now got the money and has rid himself of his enemy. All is going well until he’s called in to see the bank president who has a few questions.

by | Sep 20, 2021